Every now and again, there emerges a clout chaser that does everything in his/her power to try and make headlines by trying to drag a big name into a bit of controversy. Well, there's no bigger name in basketball than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, so this is exactly what an Instagram influencer decided to do with a recent accusation on The King.

An IG model named Just Ghazal recently shared a photo that supposedly serves as her evidence that LeBron was “creepin” on her IG. Naturally, the post blew up completely, and unfortunately for her, the audacious claim backfired.

For starters here's Ghazal's post in question:

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“Everday a new rapper/athlete creepin. GM to yall. Still a no for me  👑,” Ghazal wrote in her caption.


Based on my (limited) knowledge of the bizarre and fascinating world of IG Stories, it seems like all LeBron did was view her story. She does have 100,000 followers on Instagram, so her videos do make their rounds on the platform. However, she said in her caption that it's “a no for me,” which implies that James had some sort of proposition for her. As far as I know, this “receipt” doesn't prove that LeBron James sent her a DM or something to that effect.

The mean streets of Twitter went all in on Ghazal for her seemingly baseless accusations. As always, the keyboard warriors did not hold back:


Ghazal ended up turning off the comments section of her IG because of this whole mess. If it was attention she wanted from this brouhaha, then she definitely succeeded with her mission.