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Dennis Schroder still needs Lakers’ help after Russell Westbrook trade

Russell Westbrook Dennis Schroder Lakers

The arrival of Russell Westbrook was a death knell to Dennis Schroder’s chances of staying with the Los Angeles Lakers. But while Schroder is probably already looking towards his next landing spot, he might need to ask for some help from the Lakers to get there.

Dennis Schroder doesn’t exactly have to get the Lakers to help him out. After all, he’s drawing interest from teams like the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and Toronto Raptors, teams that could send a substantial offer with their own available cap space. But given the market, Schroder could definitely leverage his position in free agency if he gets an LA assist.

Via Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus:

Schroder will be competing with several other free agents at the same position, including Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, Mike Conley, Spencer Dinwiddie and Paul (if he opts out of his final year).

“He may get squeezed,” a Western Conference executive told Bleacher Report.

If he does, Schroder may need the Lakers’ help to get a suitable payday via sign-and-trade.

There’s a buyer’s market right now with several backcourt options available, which could mean a less than desirable offer for Schroder. The Lakers could potentially give their former starting point guard a farewell present, and maybe get some assets in return in the process.