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Steve Kerr relates own version of brawl aftermath with Michael Jordan

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The Michael Jordan-Steve Kerr skirmish during a Chicago Bulls‘ team practice was indeed one of the most entertaining moments from the recently concluded 10-part ESPN docu-series “The Last Dance.”

The brilliant series shed light on the moments leading to the now-infamous brawl, wherein His Airness managed to land clean shots to Kerr’s face which left him with a black eye.

Speaking to Chris Long on the “Green Light” podcast on Friday, the now Golden State Warriors head coach detailed that there was definitely more to it than what was shown in “The Last Dance.”

“I had a different memory from what Michael described on the show,” Kerr shared.

“My memory was that Phil had gone upstairs to his office while we were scrimmaging because he had to take a phone call from the league or something, and that’s when we got into it. So, Phil came down to see what was going on. And I remember him coming over to me, he goes, ‘You’re gonna have to clean that up.’ And I go, ‘My eye or my relationship with Michael?’ “

Steve Kerr’s story did not make the final cut in “The Last Dance,” but it certainly makes the dynamic between him and Michael Jordan all that more interesting. Knowing Phil Jackson’s value of instilling harmony among his players, it’s likely that he was more concerned of the relationship rather than Kerr’s bruise.

Jordan and Kerr eventually treated it as water under the bridge and their relationship improved shortly after. The pair of fiery competitors even connected for one of the clutches moments in NBA Finals, as Jordan set up Kerr for a dagger 3-pointer in Game 6 of the ’97 Finals to secure their fifth  title.