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LeBron James Is Clearly The NBA MVP This Season

The start to this NBA season has been disjointed. It’s hard to keep track of what matters because so many players have missed time due to COVID-19 and the league’s protocols. However, the Los Angeles Lakers have clearly been the best team in the league and LeBron James has been leading the way again.

On the daily Locked On Lakers Podcast, host Anthony Irwin makes the case that LeBron James has been the NBA MVP so far this season. It’s hard to disagree with such solid points.

Anthony Irwin: There’s great basketball being played all throughout the league. It’s a super talented league but LeBron is the MVP thus far. He had the down game in the game prior to this, and it was annoying and all that stuff.

The Lakers have the best record in the NBA. They’re far and away the best team in the NBA and he’s the reason for it. He’s the reason for it. I know people are gonna make cases for other guys across the league and there are cases to be made. If I had a vote, he gets it. Plus, he’s getting this in a very sustainable way. I actually think he can he can maintain this style of play. He’s playing fewer minutes, but they’re hyper-efficient minutes.

You have to reward the best player on far and away the best team. This isn’t like last year where the Lakers were better than Milwaukee and the Clippers or last year even with the Lakers at the end of the year. I think the Lakers are a lot better this year than the Bucks were better than the Lakers last year. I know, I’m obviously biased and I’m going to acknowledge my bias here, but it has to be LeBron if he can keep this up.