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Lost Judgment Release Date; Yakuza spin-off game sequel announced

Lost Judgment, Sega, Yakuza

Lost Judgment review scores have been coming out in the past few days, especially since the game is due to come out this week. When is Lost Judgment‘s release date? We find out.

Lost Judgment Release Date: September 24, 2021

RGG unveiled the newest game in the Yakuza franchise back in May. While not part of the main series, Lost Judgment follows up on the 2019 spin-off game Judgment. Moving forward, Judgment will be carrying on the usual action brawler gameplay that the Yakuza franchise has been known for, as the mainline Yakuza franchise will start adapting Like a Dragon‘s turn-based RPG gameplay. Lost Judgment comes out later this week, on September 24, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

The legal suspense action game stars lawyer-turned-detective Takayumi Yagumi again. The game moves from Karamucho, Tokyo to Yokohama. Compared to the action and drama (and comedy) of the Yakuza series, Judgment will be more about action, thriller, and suspense. We see a lot of this in the game’s trailer, which sees the people around Yagumi being targeted by unknown assailants. The game even teased the death of one of the characters close to the protagonist. Exciting and thrilling, this will keep everyone looking for more news about Lost Judgment in the coming months.

Lost Judgment improves upon the previous game, updating its combat by giving Yagami multiple fighting styles. Furthermore, the game will feature “School Stories”: side quests that involve the high school that Yagami will be investigating. He’ll be going undercover here, trying to fit in with the kids and getting involved with their lives.