LSU Tigers, Skylar Mays overcoming tragedy ahead of college basketball season
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LSU Tigers, Skylar Mays still coming with tragedy ahead of the college basketball season

Skyler Mays, LSU Tigers, college basketball

Unfortunately, some of the best stories in college basketball come after tragedy strikes. For LSU Tigers talent Skylar Mays, as well as his teammates, they’re hoping to cope with a legitimate tragedy while getting ready for the upcoming voyage.

While Will Wade’s suspension ended up garnering the most headlines at the end of last season, it was the death of player Wayde Sims that was at the forefront of most LSU players’ minds.

Adversity is the wrong word to use here, as a person’s death isn’t inherently something to overcome, but the Tigers are trying to figure things out in the wake of such an unneeded happening.

“We definitely dealt with a lot before the season even started,” Skyler Mays said, adding that the team planned a visit to Sims’ grave site on the one year anniversary of his death.

“All the things that happened that year have helped each of us grow as individuals outside of basketball and helped us develop a confidence that I feel like you can only develop through our type of experience — because it wasn’t just something normal. But I’d say we came out very successful.”

There’s really nothing else to add here.

This wasn’t a normal situation for the LSU Tigers.

As for the upcoming college basketball season, the Tigers are once again expected to be a more than solid team.

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