The AEW has caught the attention of wrestling fans recently with their big-name signings. Their latest move, though, is a head-turner for a different type of audience, specifically, for those living in Dallas.

AEW announced recently that they have signed former Dallas Mavericks center Satnam Singh. (via

“All Elite Wrestling (AEW) today announced the signing of Satnam Singh,  an international phenom best known as the first-ever player from India to be drafted by the  National Basketball Association. The 7’3” Singh was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2015,  and now brings his natural athleticism, charisma and daunting stature to AEW. “

It's a shocking development for the 7'3 Singh, who as stated above was the first Indian player to be drafted into the NBA. However, the former Mavs center has already tried before to get into professional wrestling. He went into the WWE training facility and tried some drills, but decided to not join the company. Now, it seems that Singh has found the right company to work for in the AEW.

Singh's last competitive basketball appearance was in 2019, when he suited up for India to help them win the gold medal in the South Asian Games. While it's unfortunate that he couldn't stay with the Mavs, it's still a great thing that he was able to find his true calling and do something he's interested in.

Singh joins some truly elite names in the wrestling scene in AEW. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Adam Cole are some of the newer additions to the roster. This will be an interesting transition for the former Mavs player-turned-pro wrestler, but he'll have the guidance of some of pro wrestling's greatest to ever grace the ring.