Former Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd had a Hall of Fame NBA career, but even he couldn't completely stay away from all the drama. In 1996, the Mavs had Kidd, Jim Jackson, and Jamal Mashburn, and they looked like a young core that could be built around for years to come.

Kidd ended up being traded away to the Phoenix Suns, with the other two traded away a short time later. There were questions about what caused the sudden downfall between the group, and there were rumors that it was Toni Braxton who broke the group up.

When advertising for her “Secrets” album, Braxton was asked about a love triangle that she allegedly had between Kidd and Jackson, and her response was that she doesn't kiss and tell. Kidd was recently asked if she ever had anything going on with Braxton, and he denied the rumors, according to ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk.

“Not true,” Kidd said. “It was never true. Never met the woman. It was never true. It just somehow took on legs of its own and she breathed life into it and I guess that didn't help [with the] kiss and tell, whatever she said.

“I don't even know if Jim Jackson went out with her,” Kidd adds of Jackson, who along with Mashburn denies the Braxton tale. “People always ask me about that. I never met the woman and never thought I was going to meet the woman, but somehow this story came about and it just took off. Did not know her. No date.”

A lot of people probably won't believe Kidd, but according to the Hall of Famer, this isn't what broke up the young promising Mavs team.