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Mark Cuban and Ted Cruz beefing online over the NBA Finals because 2020

Mark Cuban, Mavs, Ted Cruz

The 2020 NBA Finals have not drawn great ratings through the first three games, and Republican Senator Ted Cruz has taken notice. Cruz has also drawn the ire of Mavs owner Mark Cuban.

The two sparred on Twitter after Cruz took a shot at the NBA and said “this is the first time in years that I haven’t watched a single game in the NBA Finals.”

Mark Cuban responded by citing Ted Cruz — who represents the state of Texas — is essentially rooting for businesses in his own state to do poorly, given there are three NBA teams in Texas.

Cruz then said backtracked a bit, saying he has love for Texas teams. However, he also claimed the NBA is doing more to “insult their fans” and “turn every game into a left-wing political lecture.”

The outspoken Mavs owner would not call Cruz’s bluff, using his own argument against him. Cuban said Cruz could not possibly know about the league’s messaging if he has yet to watch a Finals game, while also questioning how the “desire to end racism” is a political matter.

Cruz then made a reference to the league’s involvement in China, drawing one last retort from Cuban.

It is true each of the last three NBA Finals games have failed to garner much attention from the American public.

Record lows have been set in consecutive order, with Game 3 now the least-watched NBA Finals game ever, per Paulsen.

However, there are certainly other factors involved. For example, Game 3 was airing at the same time as Sunday Night Football. Obviously, under normal circumstances, that would never happen.

These are also just unprecedented times in general, and many have actually applauded the NBA for its work in the bubble and the social-justice initiatives that have come out of it in the last few months.

Regardless, it is clear Cuban–who mulled a presidential run–has no problem defending the league’s integrity against the politicians.