James Wiseman : Memphis Tigers star can play thanks to restraining order
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Memphis Tigers star James Wiseman can now play thanks to restraining order

James Wiseman, college basketball, Memphis Tigers, Restraining Order

The college basketball season continues to get stranger. Minutes after the NCAA ruled James Wiseman ineligible for the 2019-20 college basketball season, the Memphis Tigers big man has gotten second-life by way of a temporary restraining order against… the governing body of college sports?

So, again, here we are, with a lot to unpack. Before we backtrack all over, here’s the latest news:

Prior to this news, which is massive, James Wiseman was ruled out for the season under allegations that, in 2018, Memphis Tigers coach Penny Hardaway helped the then-high school player move to Memphis.

This story is obviously just wicked fluid. Given how quickly a college basketball loving nation went from believing the potential No. 1 overall 2020 NBA Draft pick was out for the year to playing in the very next game, who could possibly predict what is next?

Friday news dumps, man. They are the worst.

Anyway, the Memphis Tigers and James Wiseman live for another day… we think?

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