MMA fighter Angela Lee has finally truth about her car crash in Hawaii six years ago. It wasn't an accident – it was a suicide attempt.

Lee made the startling revelation in a no-holds barred, first-person essay on The Player's Tribune entitled “Resilient.” Ironically, it seemed Angela Lee had it tall before she tried taking her own life in the fall of 2017. She bought a brand-new vehicle, met her future husband, and defended her title twice that year.

For some reason, a dark cloud hovered above her head on that fateful November day. She discovered she was 12 lbs. over the weight limit just two weeks before her third title defense that year. Angela Lee felt it was a hopeless situation.

“I was having a really hard time. I was trying to stay in the fight, mentally. Trying to stay strong, but I felt myself slipping. I was terrified and exhausted and at my limit, and all of those negative, dark thoughts started flooding in,” Lee wrote.

“I wanted to escape. I told myself, ‘I have to take myself out of this fight,” Lee revealed.

Angela Lee reached the end of her rope in 2017

A despondent Angela Lee tried to break her arm and concuss herself inside her bathroom. When neither approach didn't work, she plowed her car into a guardrail until it rolled downhill. Her car was turned upside down when she discovered she was still alive. Angela Lee sat on the road and bawled her eyes out.

Angela Lee also revealed her younger sister Victoria ended her life nine months ago. The former returned to the MMA ring after a three-year hiatus in the spring of 2022. She beat Stamp Fairtex in her return bout.

Big-name athletes such as Angela Lee and Johnny Manziel are as human as everybody else. The latter admitted he tried taking his own life after the Cleveland Browns released him in March 2016.

With that in mind, let's heed Angela Lee's wise words: “be resilient.”