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Motorcycle stuntman Alex Harvill dead at 28 after failing world record jump

Alex Harvill

It was a horrific scene in Moses Lake, Washington on Thursday. Motorcycle stuntman Alex Harvill was attempting to break a world record for the longest jump, but he came up short and suffered life-threatening injuries. He later died in hospital, according to TMZ. The worst part is that it was a practice jump. He didn’t even get to do it for real.

Harvill tried launching himself 351 ft off a ramp but ended up crashing into the dirt mound just short of the jump. He ultimately flew over the handlebars and tumbled dozens of feet before coming to a stop.

Alex Harvill was a very experienced stuntman, having broken a world record in 2013 when he completed a 297 ft jump. Unfortunately, this one sadly took his life. He also just welcomed his second child into the world, which makes this whole situation even more devastating. Harvill was born and raised in the area as well.

The Grant County Sheriff’s office has notified Harvill’s family and said that an autopsy will be done on Friday to pinpoint the true cause of death. Being a stuntman is a massive risk and Alex Harvill has seen his life taken far too soon.

RIP to him and condolences to his family.