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Nationals’ Trea Turner exits in first inning after testing positive for COVID-19

Nationals, MLB, Trea Turner

The Washington Nationals have been a hot topic among trade conversations with the MLB trade deadline a couple of days away. Pitcher Max Scherzer is essentially the hottest commodity on the market, and he is slated to go to one of the West Coast teams. However, the Nationals sparked some intrigue by pulling Trea Turner in the first inning of Tuesday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

While rumors swirled of him being injured or traded, it turns out that Turner has tested positive for COVID-19, according to Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post.

This could be an injury, although he didn’t look to be in considerable pain either. This definitely could be something brewing in the Nationals organization, and more updates were given here by Dan Kolko.

Dealing Turner would be a shocking move by the Nationals unless they get a boatload of prospects in return. Scherzer makes a lot more sense given the fact his contract expires at the end of the 2021 season, and it is surely was strange seeing Turner leave the game so early with no update on an injury or deal as of yet, although MLB insider Robert Murray said he was not being traded.

The way Turner left the game put everything into question, but the positive COVID-19 test gives everybody a sense of clarity.

This is a stunning development, and there could be some fallout regarding contact tracing in the coming days.