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NBA’s John Wall gets roasted on Twitter for copying Fortnite, Boss Baby in new NFT project

John Wall, NFT

NFT Twitter came for John Wall as the NBA star’s new project called ‘Baby Ballers’ is off to a horrible start prior to even hitting the market. A week before its official release, social media went on a frenzy to roast Wall’s blockchain-based project citing that it was a rip-off of a combination of things like Fortnite and the animated film ‘Boss Baby’, to mention a few.

The 31-year-old, who’s currently a free agent as he approaches his 12th season in the league, is one of the many athletes who have joined the whole crypto and NFT craze as of late. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that have absolutely dominated the digital landscape over these past few months. And so far, it seems that Wall’s journey to the metaverse is hitting a massive roadblock as he and his team try to hurdle their way out of a gazzilion of hate.

For context, Baby Ballers is an NFT project curated by Wall that aims to release 4,000 unique images or avatars. It also has a noble goal to raise $100,000 for charity. Thing is, a lot of folks on Twitter called foul as many noticed that the project wasn’t as unique as it wanted to be. In an effort to create some buzz, the project released a few sneak peeks which ended up being roasted on Twitter.

Users like @themariokarters.eth and @jjhlane were quick to point out that the art (which has now been taken down on Twitter), seemed to have simply screengrabbed a background from a location map from the popular game Fortnite. Add to that, the initial rendering of the digital characters were eerily similar to that of the animated series Boss Baby:

John Wall fans might want to look away on these next tweets:

Baby Ballers is still slated to release on September 30, Thursday with a 0.15 Ξ (Etheruem) price tag which is currently at around $460. For more information, click here.