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Shaquille O’Neal’s basic math skills put to test with Kenny Smith’s gas problems

Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith

It’s official: Shaquille O’Neal does not understand basic math.

On a recent episode of “Inside the NBA,” Kenny Smith talked about his desire to buy a car, but was hesitating because it would close $80 to fill the gas tank. It’s a common problem many people have nowadays.

Enter O’Neal, who tried to ease Smith’s concerns by explaining to him that he can save money by not letting his tank get all the way to empty. O’Neal said if Smith just let the tank to get half-empty, then he would have to pay less money to fill the tank.

Technically, that’s true. But Smith’s retort was he would have to stop more times for gas and end up paying the $80 eventually anyway. That’s also true.

However, O’Neal just didn’t get it. He kept saying Smith was complaining about paying the $80, so his solution makes sense because he wouldn’t have to pay $80 if he just stopped before the tank got empty. And round and round they went.

It gets worse. In the two-minute-long circle of illogical thought, O’Neal claimed multiple times that half of 80 is 20 and that no one travelled more than him.

Ernie Johnson, bless his soul, had to listen to this. He was all of us when he exhibited quite possibly the best facepalm every executed on the show. Charles Barkley, surprisingly, said nothing. All he could do was laugh hysterically.

The video of the exchange is below, for your pleasure, chagrin or extreme exasperation. It’s funny though. Does O’Neal have a point? Or is the moon closer than the West Coast?