The Dallas Mavericks acquired PJ Washington Jr. and Daniel Gafford before the NBA trade deadline. The additions strengthened Dallas' depth around Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. Could Dallas look to make a post-trade deadline addition as well?

“Before last night's game was told that if they can find the right fit, the Mavs definitely are looking to fill their open roster spot because ‘even though we're definitely deeper, you can never be too deep,'” Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News wrote on X (formerly Twitter) Monday.

The Mavs' seven-game winning streak came to an end on Sunday as a result of their 133-111 loss to the Indiana Pacers. Nevertheless, the Mavericks have certainly played an improved brand of basketball over the past few weeks. Their trade-deadline acquisitions have unquestionably played a role in that success.

Adding more depth would not hurt. Injuries have unfortunately been far too common for Dallas during the 2023-24 campaign. The Mavs are mostly healthy at the moment, so they are able to utilize their depth while still leaning on the stars.

Jason Kidd addressed the Mavs' potential rotation plan moving forward after Saturday's practice.

“I think this road trip we will be able to use our depth,” Kidd said. “We will look at maybe a 10-man rotation, maybe 11. Again, we're trying to see different combinations… but also we gotta find ways to win ballgames. So that's the first thing… we're going out there to compete to win and secondly is getting different combinations and maybe using our depth.”

It's a good problem to have. The Mavericks are hoping to continue getting and remain healthy throughout the rest of the season. Regardless, Dallas is still seemingly open to adding another player to fill the open roster spot.