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Photo: Mikal Bridges in Nets jersey in action saying "It wasn't easy"

Like many of his Brooklyn Nets teammates, Mikal Bridges limped through a disappointing close to the 2023-24 season. After a 32-50 campaign, it was no surprise Bridges looked beaten down as he took the podium for Monday’s exit interview. “Tough,” he said when describing the season in one word. “It was really tough, just personally. […]

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Jordi Fernandez with fire in his eyes. Nets logo in the background
Mikal Bridges with animated tears and speech balloon that says, Sorry
Mikal Bridges and Trae Young in Jazz jerseys, with Danny Ainge and Will Hardy
Miakl Bridges with eyes around him
Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas on one side, Kevin Ollie and Sean Marks on the other side
Nets' Cam Thomas, Mikal Bridges and Dennis Schroder
Nets Mikal Bridges as Squidward next to Knicks Josh Hart in Bikini Bottom
Nets Mikal Bridges next to a Nets logo and Rockets Jalen Green
Mikal Bridges as Squidward, Josh Hart as Patrick, Jalen Brunson as Spongebob in the meme
Nets' Cam Thomas, Kevin Ollie and Mikal Bridges
Cam Thomas (Nets) shooting a freezing ball
Mikal Bridges with “500” in front of him and confetti and part streamers around him.
Kevin Ollie with a speech bubble saying, “I told you the recipe!” with Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas on the other side.
Cam Thomas, Mikal Bridges, Kevin Ollie and Cam Johnson on the HIMYM meme
Kevin Ollie with a speech bubble saying, “More effort!” on one side with Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas on the other side
Nets coach Kevin Ollie looking at Mikal Bridges.
Nets' Cam Johnson with fire coming out his mouth. Mikal Bridges shrugging
Nets' Mikal Bridges saying "I can be better:
Scottie Barnes, All-Star, Nets, Mikal Bridges, Raptors
Nets Mikal Bridges and Jacque Vaughn with former Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer