Brooklyn Nets point guard D'Angelo Russell has given credit to several of his teammates for his All-Star season. However, he singled out three of his Nets teammates whom he credits for having a huge role on his development.

In an interview with The Athletic's Michael Scotto, Russell pointed out that veteran teammates Jared Dudley, Ed Davis and DeMarre Carroll were a big part of his improvement and growth as a matured player.

“Jared Dudley, but Ed Davis, DeMarre Carroll, those guys as well. They've just been big time. Since Day One, they all took me under their wing. They kind of nurtured me throughout this whole process, so I give a lot of credit to them.”

DeMarre Carroll, a 10-year NBA veteran, initially thought D'Angelo Russell was “just like a knucklehead.” However, he changed his perspective as he saw him grow into an All-Star.

For his part, Jared Dudley is happy to see Russell grow. However, he pointed out that Russell still has a lot of room for improvement, citing that the former Los Angeles Lakers guard needs to learn to value the ball more.

Dudley also advised the All-Star guard to improve his on-court leadership skills and to take over during critical game situations. Dudley passed on the knowledge he acquired from Grant Hill and Steve Nash when he played for the Phoenix Suns during his heyday.

Ed Davis, on the other hand, said he gives Russell advice based on “whatever I see on and off the court.” Davis added that this is the kind of advice Russell needs to hear, not the superficial kind coming from fake people.

Thanks to the veteran trio, Russell has taken his game to unprecedented heights this season. Not only did he earn his first All-Star berth, but he also led the Nets to their first playoff appearance in four years. His rise to prominence should continue.

Russell and the sixth-seeded Nets are currently taking on the third-seeded Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The Nets upset the Sixers in Game 1 on the road, 111-102.

Russell had 26 points, three rebounds, and four assists in the victory.