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James Harden’s injury status gets critical update from Nets GM Sean Marks

Nets, James Harden, Sean Marks

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks gave some encouraging update on the injury status of superstar guard James Harden, per Malika Andrews of ESPN.

To recall, Harden suffered a hamstring injury earlier this April and has been out ever since, missing five straight games in the process.

“Hopefully if things go smoothly, he’ll be out and joining the guys in a game,” the Nets GM said of Harden’s recovery “He’s met his markers up to this point, and we’ll just continue to progress him along, and hopefully it’s not too much longer.”

“I know speaking to James and speaking to people who were on the court with him that he is improving,” head coach Steve Nash commented. “So, he’s on the right track and hopefully it won’t be long before he’s back, but there are still markers.”

In general, James Harden has been making good progress with the Nets and would probably need around one or two practice days before he can play 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 and then make his return to the hardwood.

Marks did say, however, that he himself is not certain what date Harden will come back. Brooklyn has a tough schedule ahead, facing the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns in their next five games.

Harden was putting up great numbers before the injury, as he was averaging 25.2 points, 8.0, 10.9 dimes and 1.2 steals for the Nets.

One of the crucial tasks of the coaching staff is to protect players from themselves. Harden has a reputation of being an iron man and barely missing games. While he may feel ready to return to the court, sports science and medicine may say otherwise.