Brooklyn Nets superstar small forward Kevin Durant isn't playing in Orlando, Florida since he's still recovering from his Achilles injury.

So while his teammates are guaranteed to stay at Disney World for at least another few weeks after the Nets clinched a spot in the 2020 playoffs, Durant is going to be busy on social media trolling his haters.

As we have seen in the past, Durant loves to engage with fans on Twitter. Even though it's 2020, some people still can't get over KD's decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

The running joke on NBA twitter is that Kevin Durant's two rings with the Warriors don't count since he took the easy way out by joining a team that won 73 games the season before.

However, it was Durant who averaged 25.8 points per game with the Warriors. People were so mad at KD because of how good he is and how unfair the Warriors became with him. None of that matters to the two-time Finals MVP, though, who is relaxing with his two titles and waiting for the 2020-21 season to start so he can win his third ring with the Nets.

Brooklyn will be title contenders next season with Durant and Kyrie Irving leading the charge. The Nets will certainly be a fun team to watch night in and night out.