Brooklyn Nets' prodigal son Kyrie Irving has made a name for himself as one of the craftiest guards in the NBA. On Monday, Irving again got creative when he followed COVID-19 safety protocols and was able to finally give Miami Heat superstar Bam Adebayo his jersey after their game. This was after they had to be separated after their meeting on Saturday as the two got too close to each other.

The ever-nifty Irving, however, food a loophole after their latest win over the Heat (via Bleacher Report).

With the NBA still battling with numerous COVID-19 outbreaks, Irving was pretty smart about the exchange. Following physical distancing guidelines, players are no longer allowed to extensively great each other before and after games like they used to. This was the reason why security came running to break their postgame chatter a few days ago.

The stricter policies do appear to be a bit peculiar but everyone just has to get used to it. There have already been a handful of teams having their games postponed due to the deadly virus, with a few big names still being out as they quarantine themselves and recover from COVID-19.

Irving himself had to sit out a few games for breaking COVID-19 protocols during his controversial hiatus.

But aside from successfully and safely handing Adebayo his jersey, Kyrie Irving also got what he and the Nets wanted after their visit to South Beach resulted in back-to-back wins, 98-85. The enigmatic six-time All-Star finished with 16 points, eight rebounds, and four assists—five if you include the jersey swap after the game.