Nets news: Spencer Dinwiddie's message for 'hot take Twitter' about Kevin Durant-Dirk Nowitzki comparison
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Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie’s message for ‘hot take Twitter’ about Kevin Durant-Dirk Nowitzki comparison

Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki

Spencer Dinwiddie has had a series of wild takes recently, from calling Brooklyn Nets teammate Kevin Durant the best scorer of all time to calling him a 7-foot shooting guard — a height that has been dispelled and a position he hasn’t played since his rookie year.

The Nets guard also recently explained why Durant returning at 80% would be like getting back a Dirk Nowitzki — effort to claim that a Kevin Durant near full capacity is still that much better than the next player around.

Dinwiddie had some explaining to do after this comparison was questioned:

Dinwiddie made sure to note that he doesn’t know exactly where Durant is in his rehab, but he then went on to explain why KD at 80% would be similar in style to Dirk:

Dinwiddie’s clarification helped, but he has had a lot of clarifying to do lately, including for something he said in a recent interview on FOX Sports 1’s “Speak For Yourself” earlier this week:

Dinwiddie’s respect for Durant is pretty high up there. That much is known.

He was also one of the main proponents for the former MVP coming to the Nets after a rocky third season with the Golden State Warriors.

Yet these claims feel wildly unnecessary for a player who won’t return for the next few months — whenever the 2020-21 season gets underway after a halted 2019-20 campaign.

To his point, a Kevin Durant at 80% still has superstar potential. Unlike other stars, his game has been tailored around skill more than athletic prowess.

Even if he lacks that blow-by step to get past his defenders, Durant’s jumper is among the most lethal in the league — similar to a Dirk Nowitzki in his prime.

Nowitzki was never known for being an athletic player, yet he was able to dominate at his position as a 7-foot sharpshooter. Dinwiddie got that much right in his comparison.