At this point, it seems everything has been said about the next step for Ben Simmons. It appears not a single day goes by when the controversial guard isn't linked to overly crazy trades that would make UFO conspiracy theories sound like immaculate truth.

Well, apparently, not everything has been said. Because according to Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright, Simmons could find himself joining the Brooklyn Nets! Based on his imagination, the Nets need to send Kyrie Irving to the Philadelphia 76ers! No sage leaves included! If this isn't a HOT take, then Tupac Shakur is still alive (via Sixers Wire).

“I know this won’t happen, but as someone who has shorted the stock of the Nets, and been right, telling you right now Ben for Kyrie, if personalities weren’t a thing, basketball-wise, makes so much sense for Brooklyn, makes them an overwhelming favorite in the east. Overwhelming and maybe overwhelming favorite overall, but that’s not happening because of the relationships.”

If there's one thing Wright did, um, right, it's prefacing his statement with “I know this won't happen” because it surely won't. Right? It just doesn't make sense for the Nets to trade away Irving for Simmons, especially now that he'll finally have a healthy season with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

The fact that Ben Simmons still can't find a new squad, despite all the wild rumors, speaks volumes. Maybe next time, someone will propose a “basketball-wise” trade that would send him to the Magnolia Pambansang Manok Hotshots in the Philippines.