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Nets superstar James Harden leaves Celtics arguing after rim-rocking slam

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The Boston Celtics really allowed Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden to go past halfcourt all the way to the paint area without any hint of resistance.

It’s an unforgivable sin especially when they’re down in a playoff series against a team with not one, not two, but three superstars capable of taking over games on any given night. Look at the Celtics giving Harden the Moses treatment, acting like they’re the Red Sea being parted on his way to the promised land.

The lack of effort against Harden deserves this kind of treatment from Bill Russell which probably represents the collective disgust of Celtics fans upon seeing the play.

One can only imagine how James Harden’s eyes lit up when he saw Romeo Langford covering him. Can you blame Tristan Thompson for being wary of Blake Griffin pulling up from 30 feet or dunking the ball from the free-throw line if he receives a kick-out pass? Of course, the rest of the Celtics players were wary of leaving their man open but the apparent absence of communication is troubling.

Harden could’ve taken two or three selfies on his way to the rim and still have the lane all to himself.

Boston has its back on the wall with Kemba Walker and Robert Williams’ health being major concerns in this series. They can only ask for so much from Jayson Tatum but the young stud has no choice. He’s up against two former MVPs and one of the most dynamic guards in league history.

James Harden caught the Celtics sleeping and made them pay dearly.