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Nintendo Direct 2021: 5 Predictions; Announcements and Reveals

Nintendo Direct

The last proper Nintendo Direct came to us a long time ago, back in September 2019. That’s why this upcoming one is a big deal. A lot of significant dates are coming for Nintendo and its game titles in the next couple of months. This is why many fans are losing their minds about this. To put it simply, the hype is real. And we’re also hyped out for this upcoming presentation. Fans have a lot of expectations, and we only have a few hours left to confirm our suspicions. As for us, here are 5 predictions we have on what will be announced and revealed during this February 17 2021 Nintendo Direct.


Let’s start with a prediction related to something actually mentioned in Nintendo’s Tweet. Since Nintendo of America mentioned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU), then we’re bound to have new fighters added to the game soon. Nintendo Direct makes sense as the platform where Nintendo will make these kinds of announcements. It’s almost sure that they will reveal a new fighter here, but who?

The possibilities are endless, and this prediction can be its own article in itself. To cut things short, here are who we predict will appear as new DLC characters for SSBU in the Nintendo Direct (Aside from Waluigi, of course.):

a.) Knuckles or Tails – The regular Sonic update hasn’t come up in the past few months like they were supposed to. Is Sega saving an announcement for this upcoming Nintendo Direct? Is it going to be a new Sonic character heading to Switch?

b.) Persona protagonist – With Shin Megami Tensei V coming to the Nintendo Switch in early 2021 (more on this later), and Persona V Strikers recently getting released, perhaps Nintendo is ready for more Persona games on the Switch? If that’s the case, then Persona 4‘s Yu Narukami or Persona 3′Makoto Yuki may just join Joker in SSBU.

c.) A new Pokemon trainer – While Pokemon  Sword and Shield are definitely not the strongest in the series, it’s not impossible that new species introduced in that game can appear in SSBU. Our guess is a duo character Zacian and Zamazenta that control just like Ice Climbers.

d.) Breath of the Wild Zelda – Link’s BOTW version is already in SSBU, so why not Zelda’s? After all, the princess has shown us that she can kick ass in Age of Calamity, and what better way to promote the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel with the addition of its heroine to SSBU?

Others say it can be Crash from Crash BandicootPhoenix Wright from Ace Attorney, or Yuri Lowell and Lloyd Irving from the Tales franchise. As for us? We’re sticking with our predictions above.


We’ve just finished celebrating Mario’s anniversary a couple of months ago with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch, but perhaps the plumber still has more up his sleeves. Nintendo sure doesn’t do a lot of sequels, but a Mario Odyssey 2 would be a perfect announcement for this Nintendo Direct. Nintendo + Rabbids 2, even, would be a great announcement, especially since the first game ended with a cliff-hanger.

However, going away from the main Mario series, there are also a lot of other spin-offs that can come out of the Mario franchise. Perhaps a made-for-Switch Mario Kart game will be announced? Or a follow-up to the best-selling but critically panned Super Mario Party? Even just a DLC for that game would be great, Nintendo. Probably make the millions of people who bought that game happy again.

The most improbably but also most exciting guess we have is a Warioware collection of sorts. We haven’t had a Warioware game yet for the Switch, but we’ve had one for every new console that Nintendo released since the Gameboy Advance. But for this one, we can just hope.


It’s been almost a full year since Atlus released the ominous announcement trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V. It’s one of the biggest franchises under Atlus, and the game is going to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Announcing its release date during this Nintendo Direct will make a lot of sense. The announcement trailer teased an “early 2021” release date, after all, and Nintendo of America’s tweet indicated that they’ll be talking about games releasing in the first half of 2021.

If it’s not going to be SMTV, then please give us the ports of the older games. SMTIV on the Switch would be lovely, or better yet, Persona 1 to Persona 4. Any or all of these, Atlus. Please, give them to us.


The 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda franchise, will be coming in just a few days, so it’s almost impossible for Nintendo not to make an announcement related to the series in this Nintendo Direct. We’re not confident about a Breath of the Wild 2 release date yet being announced here, so we’re going for the next best thing. The Nintendo Switch has shown that it’s the perfect console for remakes, ports, and re-releases. So why not double down with what they did with Super Mario 3D All-Stars? Do something similar for LOZ and let us re-experience the older Zelda games on the Nintendo Switch.

We got the Wind Waker HD Remake for the Wii U, but never got one for the Nintendo Switch. We’d also love to revisit the NDS and 3DS exclusives, especially The Phantom Hourglass and The Spirit Tracks. A lot of people got into the Zelda franchise only with Breath of the Wild, so re-introducing these games through the Nintendo Switch will hit two birds with one stone. It’ll make old fans happy, and it’ll let new fans experience the franchise on a modern console. Nintendo, just make it happen, please.


Pokemon Day is coming in just a few weeks, and Nintendo even got Post Malone to perform a concert on February 27. There must be something big going on here. For sure, Nintendo will leave the biggest announcements on Pokemon Day itself, but not using this Nintendo Direct to at least give a little tease would be dumb. So we’re guessing that there’s going to be a new Pokemon game announced at this Direct. But of what kind, we have a couple of ideas.

Following up Pokemon Sword and Shield with more DLCs is a cheap and easy way for Nintendo to produce more Pokemon content without using up too many resources. But given how much negative publicity that game has had, it might not be the smartest choice. They can do a Pokemon Sword and Shield 2 sequel, but that might also blow right on their faces.

Instead, what we think Nintendo is going to release is a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl 2 sequel. Many fans consider Diamond and Pearl to be among the best in the series, only to be overshadowed by the much more superior Black and White. Returning to Sinnoh is an interesting prospect, and making a proper sequel with a new engine is a smarter choice rather than just remaking the same old game for a new platform. Actually, this can be done for any old Pokemon game, like Emerald. No one will complain about too much Rayquaza, I’d wager. Heck, just offer the old games in a collection, even. We’d totally buy that.