The Florida Panthers had a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup with a win over the Edmonton Oilers in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, but ultimately got reminded that it will not be easy to close out the series, as the Oilers came away with an 8-1 win to force a Game 5 in Florida on Tuesday. The Panthers, specifically Carter Verhaeghe and Evan Rodrigues are trying to pull from their experiences in Game 4 to come out on top in Game 5 at home.

“I think you learn from it. I think the nerves are a little bit less now,” Carter Verhaeghe said, via Greg Wyshynwki of ESPN. “It's a little different with the Cup in the building, but we're not really focused on that. We're just trying to focus on playing as well as we can.”

Despite the disappointing performance from the Panthers, they have three more chances to close out the series and win the franchise's first Stanley Cup. Evan Rodrigues said that the Oilers played “desperate” hockey in Game 4, and that the Panthers have to be ready to match it in Game 5.

“I think there was a lot of energy going into that game,” Rodrigues said, via Wyshynski. “I think we'll be better prepared for Game 5 than we were for Game 4.”

Luckily, the Panthers will have a chance to take advantage of home ice advantage in Game 5.

Panthers hope to end series at home in Game 5

Although many believe that the Panthers are in a similar situation for Game 5, but Panthers head coach Paul Maurice said this will be a different challenge at home on Tuesday.

“It is different. What's foremost in your head coming to the rink? That it's there, right?” Paul Maurice said, via Wyshynski. “So we went through it, and it's not something you can truly appreciate until you go through it.”

Maurice went on to say that despite still holding a 3-1 series lead and having two of potentially the next three games at home, the Panthers are not acting as if they are in a comfortable position until they can hoist the Cup.

“Oh, there's no comfort in the playoffs, man,” Maurice said, via Wyshynski. “You're never in a comfortable position in the playoffs. You've earned your wins, you've earned your losses. It's the same feeling.”

It will be interesting to see how things play out in Game 5. If Florida loses, the pressure starts to mount a bit, as the Oilers would then have a Game 6 at home in a raucous environment. The Panthers have shown that they can dominate possession, and they would have to feel good about their chances if they are able to do so in Game 5 at home. It is not over though, as the Oilers have the talent to put up a lot of goals, which was shown in Game 4.