If the Miami Dolphins need help on the offensive line, they might want to take a look at CBS Miami's Samantha Rivera, who showed the world some mean stiff-arm skills while working on live TV in Game 2 of the 2023 Stanley Cup Final between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Florida Panthers.

Rivera was trying to finish reporting following the Golden Knights' 7-2 victory Monday night when a fan decided that it was a good time to be rude and intrude on the reporter's space in front of the camera. Unfortunately for that fan, Rivera was simply not going to let some random dude ruin her game, as she managed to continue reporting while fending off the Golden Knights supporter.

Rivera would later tweet about that surprising encounter with the fan.

“Listen, I don’t give a damn what team you’re rooting for – get the hell out of my face when I’m working and respect that I’m here to do my job,” Rivera said. Excited to get back home to some classy #Panthers fans for game 3!!” she added.

The Panthers have their backs pressed hard against the wall after two games versus the Golden Knights as they are now down in the series, 0-2. However, Florida's not the type of team that will get bothered by such a deficit. The Panthers are the same team that found a way to battle back from a 1-3 series hole in the first round of the playoffs against the Boston Bruins, so if there's a group that can successfully come back, it's Florida.