Patriots news: Bill Belichick's blunt take on Cam Newton's first week
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Bill Belichick’s blunt take on Cam Newton’s first week

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There has been plenty of speculation regarding New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton’s potential fit with his new team. To no one’s surprise, head coach Bill Belichick has yet to provide an in-depth update on his progress thus far.

Teams have had to take unprecedented action just to begin training camp amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. According to Henry McKenna of USA Today, Belichick says Newton and the rest of the team are still in the early stages of camp:

“We’re in phase 1. We’re presenting a lot of information. We have a daily walkthrough and that’s about it. The restart of football is going a slow pace. The training is ahead of the football.”

Bill Belichick’s coy update on Newton was a given since training camp just started in full swing after teams were forced to conduct pre-screening tests just to allow players and staff into the facilities. No team has been hit harder by players opting out of playing the 2020 NFL season than the Patriots.

Regardless, this has not prevented social media from keeping a spotlight on how the dynamic in New England is playing out. Newton has made it clear that he is carrying a chip on his shoulder going into this season. The first step in a potential resurgence is for him to emerge as the clear-cut starter in camp.

A former teammates recently expressed his concern regarding how well Newton will be able to handle Belichick’s constant criticism. The next few weeks should provide some clarity on whether or not this will even be an issue.