Patriots video: Eric Reid delivers crushing late hit on Ben Watson
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Eric Reid delivers crushing late hit on Patriots’ Ben Watson

Eric Reid, Ben Watson, Panthers, Patriots

Boom. That’s what those in Foxborough heard on Thursday night when Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid hit New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson, albeit late. It was a big — and not legal — hit on Watson; luckily, the tight end was able to get up under his own power after the play. Watson did not play for the rest of the game.

After the hit, Reid approached Ben Watson and the two exchanged words before Reid helped the tight end up.

Eric Reid and Ben Watson haven’t been particularly friendly this week.

After Reid criticized Jay-Z for his recent involvement in the NFL amid a lack of talking to Colin Kaepernick, Ben Watson of the Patriots took his opinion to Twitter, saying:

“Quote starts with “”I could be completely wrong, but since…”

Yes Eric Reid you are wrong! You know the work many of us including Malcom Jenkins have done. No one entity owns this movement. We are all a continuation of the generations who fought before us. We need each other.”

Watson’s comment stemmed from Reid saying,

“since the $89 mil announcement w/the Players Coalition, what’s come of that? We get to pretend we care about social justice. We get to pretend we care about the black community, & we get to hide behind Malcolm Jenkins’ & Jay-Z’s face and not do anything,” via ESPN’s Tiffany Cross.

Before then, the two shared little animosity to each other. It’s unknown if the hit was in ill will; nonetheless, it was a late one and ended the night for Ben Watson prematurely.