What should have been a joyous occasion for New Orleans Pelicans superstar Zion Williamson has now turned into a full-blown scandal, exposing the 22-year-old's supposed promiscuity off the basketball court. It was revealed on Tuesday that Zion is now expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend. The public announcement was then shockingly followed by some nasty allegations from an adult star named Moriah Mills, who alleged that she and Williamson were dating when the former No. 1 overall pick got another woman pregnant.

To make matters worse, NBA Twitter then began digging up Zion's baby mama's rather questionable past which allegedly includes a violent street fight with another woman and a racy dance performance on top of a table during a podcast appearance. As if that wasn't enough, now a third woman has surfaced who's claiming that she was also seeing Zion even after he got his baby mama pregnant.

The third woman in this nasty love triangle (or has it now become a square?) goes by the name Yami Taylor, who according to her Instagram profile is a “luxury living consultant.” She recently went off on Zion Williamson by posting some wild allegations via her IG Story (h/t Orlando Silva of Fadeaway World).

Taylor also had a message for Mills as part of another longer message: “Someone tell my good sis Moriahhhh if he move u To NOLA I'LL MOVE IN WITCHU!!!”

Taylor then posted a supposed photo of Zion Williamson without clothes on sleeping in bed, which appears to be her evidence of having some sort of relationship with the Pelicans star.

This is getting ugly for Zion, and it comes at a time where he continues to struggle with his health and staying on the court. However, the saddest part of this entire scandal is the fact that there's an innocent unborn child that's right smack in the middle of it all.