Fans often forget that NBA players are humans that feel emotions and experience sadness. A lot of stars have faced scrutiny online and even in front of their faces. One of them is New Orleans Pelicans' Zion Williamson who has been going through a lot.

The Pelicans star has been surrounded by a lot of controversy lately. A recurring issue is his absence from the court due to injuries. Tied with this is the criticism he receives because of a visible increase in weight which Pelicans fans think affects his performance on the court. The nail in the coffin is his recent debacle with Moriah Mills. A lot has been going on for Zion Williamson and he needed to express his sorrow through an Instagram story.


He posted the Notorious B.I.G's song titled ‘Suicidal Thoughts'. Along with it were the lyrics “I can't believe suicide's on my f-ing mind, I wanna leave.”

Fans were worried about his mental well-being as he experiences these troubling times. One fan even broke down what the New Orleans star could be hinting at.

“The lyrics move in live time in sync with whatever the artist is saying at that point in the song. (See screenshot for reference) Hopefully, Zion isn’t going through anything. And if he is, hopefully, he feels he has a support system he can go to in time(s) of need,” they wrote.


Another fan was more blunt about their comments.

“Great song but this is a cry for help,” the user declared.


Scrutiny and controversy get in the head of stars a lot but it should not be taken lightly when they express tough times.