Kurt Rambis is not going anywhere yet. Just because he didn’t get the New York Knicks‘ head coaching job doesn’t mean he’s he leaving.

The Knicks are in talks with Rambis to join Jeff Hornacek’s coaching staff.

Phil Jackson chose Hornacek to shake things up a bit and, although he didn’t want to completely get rid of the triangle offense, he is open to adjusting it.

That is where Rambis comes in. Since he knows the ins and outs of the system, he can help incorporate parts of the offense, along with what coach Hornacek will implement on his own.

Rambis has been a favorite of Jackson for a long time, and took over as interim coach when the Knicks fired Derek Fisher in February. Rambis’ short lived head coaching stint is less than impressive going 65-164, but he will be with the Knicks to help, not to take over.

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