Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey revealed that they almost pulled off a trade for a first-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Morey said that they had a deal in place for a pick in the early-20s of the draft. However, the deal did not push through because the player that they were targeting was selected before their turn. The veteran general manager did not name the team that agreed to the trade before the plan was ruined.

However, Morey revealed that had the deal pushed through, the Rockets would have been forced to give up a player on their roster and a future pick. Houston had no first-round pick this year after they traded their selection to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the deal that sent Brandon Knight and Marquesse Chriss to the Cavs last season.

The Rockets GM has a lot of decisions to make this summer in the hopes of improving their chances of winning the title next season. Previous reports indicated that the Rockets might trade Chris Paul because of his conflict and strained relationship with James Harden.

Morey already debunked tthose rumors, saying that Paul will be a Rocket next season. He confirmed there were tensed moments between Paul and Harden last season, but he believes it was a normal friction between two competitive superstars who want the best for the team.