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Warriors Chris Paul breathing fire at Daryl Morey.

The James Harden-Daryl Morey drama dominated this past offseason’s headlines in the NBA. Harden isn’t the only player who has taken issue with Morey, however. When Morey worked for the Houston Rockets, Carmelo Anthony was released in what was a rather ugly exit. Chris Paul recently blasted Morey while speaking on Dwyane Wade’s podcast The […]

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Kevin Durant, 76ers, Joel Embiid, NBA trade deadline
76ers' Elton Brand saying "I'm staying" next to Daryl Morey
76ers' Joel Embiid hyped up in the middle with Daryl Morey, with Lakers' LeBron James and Suns' Kevin Durant laughing
76ers' Buddy Hield, Cam Payne and Daryl Morey next to Jaden Springer and Patrick Beverley
Daryl Morey saying “Deal with it” next to Joel Embiid
76ers' Joel Embiid and Daryl Morey
Sixers, Bill Simmons, Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers, Daryl Morey
Sixers' Daryl Morey and Joel Embiid
Sixers' Joel Embiid, Daryl Morey and Nick Nurse
Sixers' Daryl Morey and Joel Embiid and Celtics' Jayson Tatum
Clippers' James Harden looking angry at a serious Daryl Morey, with the caption below: PROMISES, PROMISES
James Harden of the Clippers with Nets crowd/fans in the background
Sixers, Daryl Morey
Sixers, Clippers, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Daryl Morey
Daryl Morey has a James Harden portrait hanging in his living room
Daryl Morey as Wolverine holding a picture of James Harden in a 76ers uniform
Sixers' Daryl Morey thinking of himself and James Harden at the 2022 trade deadline
James Harden trade with Clippers Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. Sixers Nick Nurse, Joel Embiid, Daryl Morey and Tyrese Maxey next to Harden
Sixers, Clippers, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Daryl Morey, Tyrese Maxey, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George
Joel Embiid weighing whether or not he should heed Kevin Durant's advice to try to get the Sixers to fire Daryl Morey