Former 35th overall pick P.J. Tucker is known throughout the league as a key contributor to the Houston Rockets’ success last season. His presence provided the much-needed hard-nosed multi-positional defense that transformed the Rockets into one of the best defensive teams in the league.

However, aside from his on-court exploits, the Rockets forward is notoriously famous for being a certified sneakerhead.

Arguably the NBA’s sneaker king, Tucker is not your ordinary sneaker collector. In 17 postseason games, this connoisseur played in 22 different pairs from rare Jordans, LeBrons, Kobes, and more.

Moreover, a video on his Instagram documented the treasure trove of sneakers he had in his locker after attempting to clean it after the All-Star break.

Furthermore, in a video from NBA on ESPN’s Twitter Tucker was asked about his favorite sneaker story.

He replied:

“Probably playing against Kobe with some really rare Kobes, then have him sign them at the game. That was a big-time game for me.”

Getting your sneakers personally signed would be a sneakerhead’s dream, but with what was about to happen next, nothing could prepare him for that.

Tucker continued

“And he gave me another pair of his shoes after the game… Some Kobe 9s and some… which ones… maybe were some 2s… yeah, some 2s. It’s crazy.”

For someone like Tucker, having the personal Black Mamba experience and treatment must have been a story for the ages.

Without a doubt, Tucker has the sickest collection of sneakers you could ever want. As the season nears, we can’t wait to see him rock some of the freshest shoes around the league.