With less than a day away before the Women’s Royal Rumble, we now have 23 of the 30 participants revealed. Below, we make our Royal Rumble Predictions, making our Royal Rumble Rankings for each of the 23 declared Women’s Royal Rumble participants from the least likely to win, to the most likely to earn a shot at Wrestlemania’s Main Event.

Royal Rumble Predictions: All 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Participants, Ranked

Fodders are Royal Rumble participants that are there just to make an appearance, having almost zero chances of winning. Sure, they could make an elimination or two or be involved in a comedic spot. But these WWE superstars have little to no chance of outlasting the real winners of the Rumble. These fodders include:

Nikki A.S.H. – Nikki’s recent heel turn should have been a bigger deal, but it didn’t. It could have given her momentum heading to the Rumble, but it didn’t. Hence, Nikki A.S.H. will simply fade in and out of the Royal Rumble. She might have her time afterward, but it won’t be at the Rumble.

Dana Brooke – In spite of a slight push as the 24/7 champion, it doesn’t really make Dana any more of a candidate as a winner than any other woman in the locker room. Instead, her status as champion could just lead to 24/7 shenanigans on the ring, which could even lead to some male superstars appearing during the Women’s Royal Rumble.

Carmella – As in the male’s division, tag team members don’t really win Rumbles, most especially if you’re an active tag team participant who is currently holding the titles. Carmella and her partner Queen Zelina will not win this Rumble.

Queen Zelina – As mentioned above.

Shotzi – Shotzi was hot when she was at NXT, but she’s lost a lot of steam ever since joining the main roster. Losing her partner in a surprising nixing didn’t help her, as she suddenly lost all and any storylines she’s built up since she arrived at the main roster.

Natalya – Natalya once was one of the best wrestlers in the company, and she still is. The problem is, Natalya also hasn’t been used properly recently, and there really isn’t any reason for WWE to give her a title shot at Wrestlemania. Losing to Doudrop didn’t help her momentum buildup, either.

Aliyah – Aliyah’s more of a “happy to be here” kind of character right now. While she’s very popular with the fans, she still hasn’t found her voice in the main roster. Her Aliyah 3:17 gimmick also isn’t very over right now. She might have to undergo some character development first before being given any title shots that she deserves.

Shayna Baszler – Shayna used to be a monster, but just like most NXT call-ups, she’s just lost her fangs when she arrived at the main roster. We wish to see Shayna becoming the monster she is once again, but we don’t think it’ll happen during this Rumble.

Nikki Bella – Just a guest wrestler that is a feel-good entry, who will most likely get a loud pop when she arrives. However, WWE probably should have just left the Bella Twins as surprise guest entrants. Knowing ahead of time that they’ll be coming kind of kills the vibe, and it’s unlikely that either of the Bellas can win the Rumble at this point.

Brie Bella – See above.

Michelle McCool – Another guest entrant that has been present in the previous Rumbles. She’s been treated as a monster in previous Rumbles, but WWE got called out by fans as her eliminations of some wrestlers was completely unbelievable. Hopefully, this year, WWE won’t book McCool as favorably as they did before and use her instead to put over some of the younger stars.

Kelly Kelly – Do you know what our Royal Rumble Prediction is for Kelly Kelly? She’d probably become a two-time 24/7 champ this Rumble, which would then lead to the shenanigans that will totally ensue when Dana Brooke gets pinned.

Summer Rae – Summer Rae’s first return to a WWE ring after five years will not likely land her a Rumble win. Good luck with your crypto earnings, though, Summer Rae.

Sonya Deville – Sonya’s “surprise” entry into the Rumble may put a monkey wrench at Naomi’s way, but we don’t think WWE would even think about having Sonya win the Rumble, not after she’s been sidelined as an authority figure for so long.

Monsters are wrestlers who will be coming in on the Rumble and eliminating a whole lot of competitors, only to be eliminated either by another Monster or by groups working together to get them over the top rope. However, even though they’re Monsters, we don’t see them usually winning the Rumble. Some Monsters have won the Rumble in the past, though, so don’t totally count them out.

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Rhea Ripley – Rhea’s still a monster of a wrestler. Now that she’s been divorced from her tag team partnership with Nikki A.S.H., she can return to Singles Competition. So far, Rhea’s been a great champ, and she’s also a great challenger. Having her win the Rumble would be a good and safe move, but having won a Rumble already might make WWE think twice about having her win again so soon. So, Rhea will enter this Rumble and stir chaos, but she will most likely be eliminated.

Tamina – Tamina’s been booked really well while she was tag team partners with Natalya, but ever since their split, she hasn’t found much success yet. WWE could use the Rumble as an opportunity to book Tamina as a strong threat once again, and there’s no shortage of Fodder that she can feed on, before being eliminated by someone else.

Lita – Lita will surely dominate the Rumble, as she’s always been an ass-kicker.

These superstars aren’t likely to win the Rumble, but some factors on how the other matches turn out could pave the way for these Maybes to win. Some others in this tier may also win based on recent events, record-setting, or the like.

Naomi – Naomi has some nice momentum heading into a Rumble, and she can springboard her way to Wrestlemania thru the Rumble. She’s been asking for opportunities, and the Rumble could land her a title shot. It’s very unlikely, too, but having her win makes a lot more sense than a making lot of the other wrestlers above win. We don’t think anyone would be mad if Naomi won.

Charlotte Flair – Charlotte could make history this year by being the first Women’s Champion to win a Rumble. They tried to do this with Brock Lesnar a couple of years ago, but they didn’t pull the trigger. Instead, they used Brock to put over Drew. They can do the same for Charlotte, but there isn’t exactly anyone who needs the same push Drew needed back then, and is also a believable threat to the Queen. All of the Queen’s rivals are already over that it’d be a waste if someone like Sasha would eliminate her.

Mickie James – The first time someone from a rival promotion enters the Rumble. A Champion, no less. While fantasy booking would have us wanting Mickie James to win the Rumble as the Impact Knockout Champion and turn her into a double champion at Mania. However, that benefits Mickie James more than WWE, so it’s very unlikely to happen.

These participants are who we think have the highest chances of winning the Rumble. Save for some of the Bonus Participants that we will be discussing later, if all of the other five slots are filled with surprise comedy wrestlers, then we think these three have the biggest shots in winning.

Bianca Belair – Bianca’s time as champion was prematurely cut last year, and we feel like WWE can set things right by having her win the Rumble (again) and challenge for the championship at Mania. She could win as the first back-to-back Women’s Rumble winner, and at that point, it wouldn’t even matter if she wins in Mania or not. Still, WWE might not be ready to pull the trigger for something like this yet. But if anyone could win Rumble back-to-back, that would be Bianca, and she’s also very fit to win as WWE still needs to set her championship run right.

Liv Morgan – Liv Morgan could have challenged Becky Lynch again this Rumble, but then their rivalry has gone stale. If WWE still wants Morgan to go after the championship, this would be a good way to do it. Letting her rivalry with Becky be put on hold for a moment was a good idea so that if Liv wins the Rumble, her challenging Becky once again would feel refreshing. Liv has never been pinned cleanly by Becky yet, so there’s still a lot to explore in that rivalry. It also helps that Liv is very over right now, and fans would be delighted to see her win.

Sasha Banks – Sasha’s surprise return on SmackDown last Friday showed that The Boss remains popular to the fans. Her sudden disappearance last year from the Title picture has made fans hungry for Sasha gunning for the title. Sasha could get into a program where she claims Becky stole her spotlight, or have Sasha continue her program with Charlotte that she started on Friday Night. Sasha winning the Rumble would be a safe choice, but it also opens two possible storylines for her that will definitely keep the fans guessing on a weekly basis. Sasha can challenge either Charlotte or Becky and either option could lead to an interesting story.

Bonus Participants
There are still five slots open for the Rumble, and here are who we think will show up, and what our Royal Rumble Prediction is for them.

Becky Lynch – Becky is playing a great job as a sneaky heel right now, that if she loses in her match against Doudrop, we won’t put it past her character to insert herself into the Rumble just so she can have quick vengeance.

Mandy Rose – Another surprise entrant could be NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. She never had an opportunity to shine while she was on the Main Roster, but now as the NXT Women’s Champion, she could have a much more significant presence at the Rumble.

Alexa Bliss – Alexa’s current storyline doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, it doesn’t rule out a Rumble entrance. Actually, an Alexa Bliss appearance in Rumble could even lead to an interesting spot, so why not?

Asuka – Asuka’s been out for a while due to injury, but it seems like the Queen of Tomorrow is finally ready to return, if rumors are to be believed. She could receive a huge pop when she returns, and Asuka arriving at the Rumble would definitely be received well.

Ronda Rousey – Another rumored return that has been all but confirmed is Ronda Rousey’s. Dave Meltzer confirmed that Ronda Rousey is coming back to the company, imminently. Meltzer also said that Rousey will likely go head-to-head with Becky at Wrestlemania, and if that’s true, then WWE could do that by making Ronda win the Rumble. Coming in as the 30th entrant wouldn’t be so bad, and her winning the entire thing could still receive a huge pop.