One day, when you're old, sitting alone on the porch and pondering about the glory days of the past, you will suddenly ask yourself: Remember when Ben Simmons hilariously held the Philadelphia 76ers hostage?

It's crazy to think that after a terrible performance in the NBA Playoffs, it was Simmons who had the gall to cause a problem for the Sixers. It has been a no-win situation for both camps. Simmons has refused to communicate with the Sixers, while team officials are trying to squeeze every bit of penny they can before dealing Simmons.

Because of this, Andrew Gaze, an absolute legend in Simmons' home country of Australia, sounded off on the mess (via The West Australian).

“To have such a distaste and will not to be a part of an organization that you are willing to sacrifice millions of dollars, that to me says there is a very high level of distrust and dissatisfaction with the club for Ben. And two, you’ve got enough money that those types of issues aren’t as significant. But I would like to think, and maybe I live in gaga land, but I would like to see a way in which the club and the player can move on where it is in everyone’s best interests.”

Gaze also expressed hope that the Sixers could find an amicable deal with Simmons, citing what the Houston Rockets did with star guard John Wall.

Ben Simmons has been linked to numerous trades, but it looks like the situation won't be solved soon.