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Steelers’ Antonio Brown says interview is coming soon so he can tell his side of story

Antonio Brown, Steelers

Beleaguered Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown feels that his side of the story hasn’t been heard yet, and he says he’s just about ready to talk.

Brown took to his Twitter to make an announcement about a forthcoming interview:

His bold proclamation concluded with the hashtag #CallGod, but he didn’t make clear who would be conducting the interview, when it would be released, or which outlet would be releasing it.

Some Twitter fans speculated that this meant that Antonio Brown would be released from his contract with the Steelers, leaving him free to pursue other opportunities and that the braggadocio was a front to cover his loss.

Others — as Twitter users are wont to do — simply asked: “Who the hell cares?”

Nevertheless, the question of Antonio Brown’s future does remain. While most of his troubles stem from butting heads with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Big Ben has two more years — at most — with the team. And by trading away their strongest receiver — who had a banner year with the Steelers — the team may be cheating themselves in the not-too-distant future.

But, as previously reported, Antonio Brown has in fact expressed interest in going to other teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, where none other than the legendary Jerry Rice has said that the move would be a good one for the team, and he’d be happy to serve as a source of guidance.