Steelers video: James Conner surprises mom with the ultimate gift
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Steelers’ James Conner surprises mom with the ultimate gift

James Conner, Steelers

James Conner has had to endure plenty of obstacles in his life and he wanted to reward his mother for being by his side. The running back of the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to surprise his mom with a house on July 4th. Conner revealed the remarkable gift that he gave his mom on his Instagram account.

Back in James Conner’s junior season at Pittsburgh in college, he would suffer a torn MCL early in the season. Just the season before, Conner galloped for 1,765 yards and 26 touchdowns in his sophomore season at Pittsburgh. However, during his recovery from his torn MCL, Conner noticed that his entire body was in pain.

While he underwent further tests, James Conner was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma — a form of cancer. As a result, he would miss his entire junior season and would attempt to battle back from a knee injury and cancer. The standout running back would overcome his knee injury and cancer in less than a year, allowing him to play his senior year in college.

After the trials and tribulations he experienced, James Conner was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Steelers.

Ever since his college days, James Conner has been very vocal about how his mom has been the reason he plays football. The former third-round pick is publishing a book that is meant to be an autobiography of his life story.

We’ve seen athletes purchase houses or cars for their parents to show their gratitude toward them. However, given what he’s had to go through, seeing James Conner gift his mom a house is a remarkable sight.