With the Phoenix Suns up for sale, who could be the best person — or group — to save the day for the NBA franchise? Throw in the name of former NBA big man Channing Frye as among those with at least a semblance of interest in becoming part of a group that will next run the Suns once it's no longer under the control of the controversial Robert Sarver.

In a recent appearance on the Legends Lounge with Trill Withers podcast, Channing Frye was asked whether he and Richard Jefferson have any intent in owning the Suns, and sounded positive to the idea.

“Listen, the way my bank account is set up, I definitely can, but as a liaison, as an opportunity to be in there and give my 2 cents, I'd love that opportunity, Frye said.

“I know Richard would too. As guys that grew up in Arizona, watch the Suns, you know, was buying Kevin Johnson. Hexa-like Converse shoes, right? Like, I mean, everyone knows those bad boys, right? I mean, for me it would mean a lot because I don't want, I don't want anything in return. Maybe some gear, some free gear, and maybe like a free beer.”

Following a lengthy investigation into workplace misconduct allegations, Sarver has been suspended by the NBA for a year. The details of the investigation were unsavory. Sarver later expressed his intent to look for potential buyers of the franchise, which led to names like Jeff Bezos and even Shaquille O'Neal being floated as the potential next owners of the franchise.