Phoenix Suns power forward Dario Saric had high praise for his teammate, shooting guard Devin Booker.

Saric, who has played with several all-star caliber players in three teams throughout his NBA career, said in a postgame interview after their win against the San Antonio Spurs, that Booker is the best player he has ever played with. He then continued, saying that his teammate is “on a different level.”

Saric was traded to the Phoenix Suns on July 2019 and started playing with Devin Booker this season. He was previously teammates with Minnesota Timberwolves’ young all-star center Karl Anthony Towns, known to be friends with Booker, in the 2018-2019 season. Saric also played with all-stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons throughout his time in the team that drafted him, the Philadelphia 76ers.

This list of players have been voted to be All-Stars at least once, and yet Devin Booker is known by fans in comparison to having been snubbed several times, with the primary reason said to be his team’s less-than-stellar records throughout the seasons. Despite this, he is known throughout the league to be a prolific scorer, even becoming the youngest player to record 60 points in a game with 70 points in 2017 against the Boston Celtics.

Booker was notably absent from the newly released list of all-star starters for this season, with the West instead being headlined by guards Luka Doncic and James Harden. However, many are predicting that the 23-year-old guard will still get his first all-star nod soon, as his team, currently holding  a 19-26 record, are only two wins away from the fickle eighth spot in the competitive Western Conference.