Chris Paul will be sidelined for the next six to eight weeks because of a thumb injury. Instead of focusing on the negative impact of it to the Phoenix Suns, though, Devin Booker saw a massive silver lining from the setback.

Ahead of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, reports surfaced that Paul sustained a right thumb avulsion fracture. During the game,CP3 made an appearance, albeit just for two minutes and with his thumb wrapped up.

Of course, Paul's injury raised some concerns among Suns fans, especially since they are currently atop the Western Conference and the NBA with a 48-10 record. Without Paul, they could be in trouble of falling down the standings.

Despite those concerns, Booker highlighted how Paul can actually benefit from it. At 36 years old, the veteran playmaker can use the time to rest his body and gear up for the postseason. Even if the Suns struggle without him and they fall in the standings, they are more than likely to get into the playoffs anyway.

“I look at the beauty of it. He gets to rest his legs. He gets to get ready for a long postseason that we’re trying to make happen,” Booker shared, per David Aldridge of The Athletic.

Devin Booker makes a great point, indeed. Sure, there will be concerns about rust and all that performance-related questions. However, an energized Chris Paul could be exactly what the Suns need to get the job done this time around.

After falling just a bit short in last year's finals, the Suns could become major threats once again if they are 100 percent healthy come the postseason.