Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker is no stranger to absurd scoring outbursts. Back when he was just a sophomore, Booker dropped 70 points, foreshadowing just how elite of a scorer he'd end up becoming. Surely enough, Booker was at it again with an eye-popping point tally after he dropped 51 points on the Chicago Bulls' heads in only three quarters of play, thanks to a ridiculous 20-25 shooting display from the field.

One fan on Twitter put Booker's historic performance in delightful perspective.

Unlike Devin Booker's 70-piece in March 2017 against the Boston Celtics, the Suns now have lofty ambitions to compete for an NBA championship, which meant that Booker won't be pressed into needless minutes with the Suns up big. The Suns entered the fourth quarter leading by 25 points, which prevented the 26-year old shooting guard from going for 60… or perhaps even 70 points especially with how well he was shooting the ball.

Back in the late 2010s, there were plenty of pundits and fans who doubted Booker's ability to become more than an empty-stats player. Through Booker's first five seasons, the Suns finished no higher than 10th; in fact, from 2016-17 to 2018-19, the Suns finished dead last in the Western Conference, winning a mere 64 games (out of 246). But something began to click for the Suns in the 2020 NBA Bubble, and they haven't looked back since adding Chris Paul into the mix.

After this performance, fans argued that Devin Booker should be right up there with Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic as the early favorites for MVP. This should especially be the case after Booker has led the Suns to a stellar 15-6 record, despite the prolonged absence of CP3.

It remains to be seen which direction the MVP winds blow as the season progresses. One thing's for sure: Devin Booker has put awards voters on notice with this otherworldly performance.