Kemba Walker of the Oklahoma City Thunder knows the New York Knicks made their first playoff appearance this season since 2013. They have a ton of cap space and could build an elite roster heading into next season.

The Knicks have built up a young core that is ready to compete at a high level. They need to add a few pieces in the offseason to become contenders in the Eastern Conference. The biggest need will be at the point guard position, especially if Derrick Rose leaves in free agency.

Kemba Walker would be a great target for the Knicks due to his scoring ability. He had a down year for the Boston Celtics and was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even in a down season, Walker averaged 19.3 points per game along with 4.9 assists. He also shot 36 percent from the three-point line, which is slightly above average.

A Walker trade also makes sense for the Thunder. They are in the midst of a rebuild, and Walker does not fit the timeline. The only reason for acquiring Walker was to get off Horford's contract, as well as acquiring draft picks.

Here is the perfect trade the Knicks must offer the Thunder for Kemba Walker.

Knicks trade Kevin Knox II, pick 21 and pick 32 to Thunder

The Knicks have drafted a ton of young players and can afford to trade one away. Kevin Knox II is a solid role player with the potential to be more. He hasn't developed into the player they expected and needs a new situation. The Thunder could utilize him better while also getting two draft picks.

This package wouldn't be a ton for the Knicks to give up. They have another first-round pick in this year's draft and adding a player like Walker makes more sense.

What would the Thunder look like after trading Kemba Walker?

The Thunder would be getting a solid package in return for Walker and building the young core even more. Knox II could develop into a great player for the Thunder, as well as the players they select in the draft. Walker doesn't fit the timeline of the team and it makes sense to get a package like this for him.

This is a trade that the Thunder should make to get off of Walker's contract.

What would the Knicks look like after acquiring Walker?

The Knicks would be in a great position after a Walker trade. They have the pieces to make the playoffs and Walker would elevate the team's talent. If they were able to acquire another star with the cap space in free agency, they could be a real contender next season.

Walker would bring a new dynamic to the offense. Most of the offense ran through star forward Julius Randle last season. That was for good reason, but Walker can create his own offense. Adding this element to the offense will help them improve on that side of the ball. They had a defensive identity last season but could become a dual-threat team with Walker.

If the Knicks make this deal, all they need is a star to become a championship contender. Randle will look to build on his career year while the other young players will further develop.

The Knicks must offer this trade for Walker in hopes to become a contender next season.