Thunder news: Sam Presti Carmelo Anthony unwillingness come off bench
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Thunder GM Sam Presti says Carmelo Anthony unwillingness to come off bench not reflective of commitment

Carmelo Anthony

Oklahoma City Thunder star Carmelo Anthony had one of the most difficult seasons of his career.

After leaving the New York Knicks, where he was the main go-to guy for several years, he joined the Thunder, a team that already had Russell Westbrook and also had brought in Paul George from the Indiana Pacers.

Anthony had to sacrifice the most from his game, transforming himself from an isolation player into basically a glorified stretch power forward. Sometimes it went well, but for the most part it didn’t.

Now that the Thunder are going into an uncertain offseason, many are wondering if Anthony will stick around after a tumultuous season. Not even general manager Sam Presti knows the answer to that question.

Anthony said during exit interviews that there is no way he would make the sacrifice of coming off the bench. While the comments were concerning, Presti does not think those comments are indicative of Anthony’s commitment during the season, per Erik Horne of The Oklahoman.

The idea that Anthony won’t come off the bench is probably tough to swallow for Thunder fans. At this point in his career, there are players on the Thunder that are just plain better than he is. That fact was made even more apparent during the playoffs.

Anthony has a player option for next season worth almost $28 million. If he does come back, he would have to endure another year of a reduced role. Just not a bench role.

It would behoove Anthony to accept moving to the bench if he comes back next season. It’s the best thing for the team. If he wants to one accept a starting role, he should move on to another franchise.