The Minnesota Timberwolves are not exactly in a good place in the Western Conference right now. As of this writing, they are barely above the .500 line with a 9-8 record, which is only good for 10th in the West. Understandably, not a few Timberwolves fans aren't taking the team's slow start well, and it shows when they boo their team during games, especially when Rudy Gobert and company are playing at home.

For Gobert, though, fans shouldn't be quick to dress down the Timberwolves even when the results aren't to their liking, per Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic.

“I just don't appreciate people that come in and boo your team. When you're a fan, you gotta support your team in the tough or the good moments. There's no team in NBA history that only had good moments, so if you're not going to support us in the tough moments, just stay home. I think if you're going to embrace us in the tough moments, then come and then we're going to love the support.”

Anthony Edwards also echoes the sentiments of his teammate about the treatment from Timberwolves fans.

“Yeah I love the crowd, man. Tell them, ‘Hey y’all, if y’all listening to this, keep coming, showing us love, stop booing us. We’re going to give you everything we got, man. We trying.”

In any case, the Timberwolves are seemingly starting to get it together, as they have won all their last four games. That came after a seven-game stretch in which they were only able to pocket a single victory.