If you live in Arizona, the Phoenix Suns want you to take a bike ride around the city with their star guard Eric Bledsoe and there's supposedly no catch. That's what the Suns tweeted to everyone who would come. You can meet him in downtown Phoenix, just BYOB (bring your own bike). Sounds cool right?

That sounds great, and it is, only the visual makes you wonder if this is real. The Suns (who since removed the tweet) posted a photoshoped picture of Bledsoe on a bicycle that clearly looks fake . The thrown together picture is blatantly noticeable to the point that you start playing a game of how many things you can find wrong with this picture.

If someone were to tell you that Bledsoe has two right hands, the bike handle bars appears almost ghostly, and the seat is too high, you wouldn’t believe a pro organization did this, would you?

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There is no word on why the Suns didn't just ask Bledsoe for a photo.


Don't forget to wake up early tomorrow & bring your bike downtown to ride with @EBled2!

???????? https://t.co/2RcXIWUpn3pic.twitter.com/fBbO7wp8q6

— Phoenix Suns (@Suns) May 6, 2016

twitter/phx suns
twitter/phx suns