Sean O'Malley is set to fight Pedro Munhoz on July 2 in what should be a thrilling fight at UFC 276. The fan-favorite finally has a challenge ahead of himself and many are looking forward to the stacked card. However, O'Malley had some comments regarding Charles Oliveira that might just piss off Khabib Nurmagomedov.

According to, UFC's rising star pondered who Khabib would face off against if he were to return to the octagon. Oliveira seemed to be the obvious choice, as the number one contender (should be champion) in the lightweight division is arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. However, O'Malley speculates that Oliveira is the reason The Eagle retired from combat sports.

Khabib is notoriously known for having a perfect 29-0 record in his MMA career. He literally mauled every one of his opponents and is easily a future UFC Hall of Famer. Maybe O'Malley has a point, as Nurmagomedov prefers maintaining an undefeated record. Charles Oliveira has been dominant during his championship reign and it's hard to believe he'll lose any time soon.

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Even so, it's not like we ever witnessed Khabib back down from a fight. He faced some of the UFC's best athletes and looked superior in every single match. For that reason, it makes a speculated Oliveira-Nurmagomedov bout a matchup all fight fans would love to watch. Will it ever come to fruition? Likely not, as The Eagle seems to enjoy being a coach right now.

After his last victory over Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira called out numerous fighters. Maybe he should add Khabib to that list for a super fight of the ages? At the end of the day, both UFC stars have a ton of respect for each other, as Nurmagomedov believes Oliveira is the best lightweight in the world right now.