Vikings news: Sheldon Richardson talks about what makes Minnesota different
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Vikings’ Sheldon Richardson talks about what makes Minnesota different

Sheldon Richardson

Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson has had a rough time staying put in recent years. However, it appears he may have found a home in Minnesota.

Richardson has become a seamless fit in the Vikings’ formidable defense. According to Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune, he likes the way the organization treats its players the same:

“One of the main reasons why I like the organization is nobody is a prized possession here; no politics. They don’t play their draft picks sometimes. … You can pay a guy a lot of money, he won’t play if he’s not up to par.”

Richardson’s comments are certainly telling of some of the favoritism in the NFL. It is no secret that every organization has its players that they treat with extra care. However, it appears the Vikings are one of the few teams that holds every one of their players accountable.

Richardson has undoubtedly one of the most talented interior linemen in the league over the last several years. Unfortunately, his antics off the field eventually began to overshadow his play. This is ultimately what resulted in his departure from the New York Jets. Things did not get much better after he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks. It appears the politics he was referring to in his comments may have hindered his performance.

Fortunately, he has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence with the Vikings. Minnesota has shelled out some serious cash in recent years in order to maintain its talented core. However, it does not seem to have affected the way players are treated if they do not perform well.