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Warriors news: Kevin Durant is not a fan of Carmelo Anthony’s ESPN ranking

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When media outlets start churning out player rankings, you know that the NBA season is just around the corner. These lists are consumed right away by fans as though they were sharks racing towards a bloody chunk of meat. What follows are countless hours spent by everyone on dissecting and debating the integrity of the rankings. Sometimes, however, the players themselves react to it.

Kevin Durant was one of those pro hoopers to share his take, but it’s not about his own rank nor his fellow Golden State Warriors’. It’s about that of Carmelo Anthony being listed at No. 64.

To make this even more provocative, Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball is ahead of the New York Knicks star at No. 63. If you ask Durant, it’s just downright disrespectful and ridiculous at the same time. While he didn’t say that directly, it’s very possible that’s what’s running through his mind when he commented on an Instagram post of renowned NBA trainer Chris Brickley, who also found Anthony’s ranking laughable.

Kevin Durant

Instagram/Chris Brickley

Brickley and Durant aren’t the only ones who have voiced their disagreement with ESPN’s list. Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey also called out ESPN and Sports Illustrated for what he believes are ill-conceived rankings.